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Many men and a growing number of women are affected by hair loss, much of which is hereditary. Micro-hair transplantation is a state of the art technique that has replaced the outdated methods of plugs or large grafts of hair. The new procedure is very different having the result of a totally natural more youthful and vigorous look, with potentially positive psychological effects, such as a boost in confidence and self esteem.

HRS of Cape Cod is proud to announce our affiliation with the DiStefano Medical Group, one of New England's foremost centers for medical hair restoration.

Dr. Mark DiStefano is widely acknowledged to be among the upper eschelon of hair transplant specialists in the country. His use of the most advanced hair transplant techniques, coupled with his individual artistry in the reconstruction of hairlines, has propelled Dr. DiStefano to the forefront of his profession.

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Hair Transplant Photo
Hair Transplant Photo
Hair Transplant Photo
Hair Transplant Photo

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